This is a Design-Build project to construct an addition to Building 7052 and repair the exterior envelope of building 7032. The project is comprised of work on buildings 7032 and 7052 on Tyndall AFB.

The purpose of the Tyndall Air Force Base (TAFB) project XLWU21-4008, Ammo Area Expansion of Building 7052, is to expand building 7052 to meet additional personnel requirements due to the change to Squadron status. The purpose of the Tyndall Air Force Base (TAFB) project XLWU22-8129, Repair Facility Envelope for Building 7032 is to remove and replace the exterior building EFIS system for building 7032 in order to provide a water tight building envelope. During the project the contractor will bring any systems effected in the buildings and its supporting facilities into full compliance with current building codes, including the DoD Building Code, and the portion of the Florida Building Code that contains the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) provisions.