Architectural: This project scope will convert approximately 3,860 square feet of Command Suite office space into secure space in accordance with ICD705 guidelines with a secure perimeter boundary, and the renovation of an additional 3,100 square feet outside of the secure Command Suite. Demolition will include removal of all interior architectural finish systems throughout the project area. New work will include all architectural finishes, STC rated walls and doors, and RF-shielding of the Secure Perimeter.

INTERIORS: Work for this project includes renovating the existing Command Suite in Building 1 to a secure area. All existing finishes shall be removed. The interiors shall consist of high end finishes including textile
wallcovering, modular carpet and limestone flooring. High NRC acoustical ceiling tiles will be used throughout the space. New flooring, wall treatment, ceilings as well as restroom finishes, have been selected with an
emphasis on sustainable design that will be easily maintained. The overall intent is to provide a lasting interior that encourages productivity through timeless design values.

MECHANICAL/PLUMBING/FIRE PROTECTION: This project includes replacement of the existing HVAC in and adjacent to the new secure area. The modifications of the walls will require modifications to the ductwork to maintain a pathway for air to travel back to the air handler after supplying to the spaces. Any duct or transfer air penetrations through secure walls with openings 96 square inches or larger will require security bars. All ductwork with security bars will require inspection access doors. Existing transfer air openings serving as return pathways from the area into the corridor will also require treatment as well as modifications to achieve the required STC rating for the area. Metallic fire suppression and plumbing piping penetrations will be treated either with dielectric breaks or by grounding the piping to the building structural

ELECTRICAL: The existing circuit wiring and conduit that currently pass through the new secure space and serve devices outside the secure space will be removed and rerouted around the new secure perimeter walls. New conduit and wiring will be required from the existing panel to serve the existing devices to remain. Existing receptacle and communications devices in the new secure area will be moved out from their current wall location to the new frangible wall. This work will entail new conduit, box, and wiring being installed in the new frangible wall. Existing light fixtures and controls will remain.

Communications: Install two new 4″ conduits from the existing Mech Room, which contain the NIPR and SIPR cabinets, to the new secure space. New 1″ conduit and boxes shall be installed in the new frangible walls in the secure area for all communications outlets. New cable trays will be installed in the new secure space. The government will provide and install all communications cabling. The contractor shall provision new infrastructure for a government install.

SECURITY: In the new secure space, power and pathways will be installed by the contractor for new GFGI access control and intrusion detection. The government will provide the access control and intrusion detection systems.