The renovation of Brant Hall will take place within its existing footprint. Space planning standards will be used to govern the space allocation for the instructors, students, and circulation space. The U Wing will consist of 16 classroom and 13 Labs. The V1 wing will have 7 classrooms and 2 labs. The V2 wing will have 22 Classrooms and 3 labs. The classrooms and labs will be both 750SF and 1500SF and some will have removable dividers. For more detail on the architectural layout see the attached floorplan. The following systems are in need of repair to restore the building’s life span and bring the building in compliance with current code. These systems include Insulation, interior finishes, drop ceilings, EPDM roofing, plumbing, restroom fixture and finishes, HVAC duct and HVAC controls, electrical wiring, electrical service and distribution, fire detection and alarm systems, utility monitoring and control system, and building information systems. When determined to be more cost efficient, these scoped items shall be repaired by replacement. All Passive IT infrastructure shall be included in the scope of this project. When turned over to the client all classroom and lab workstations shall be ready to receive MUE and other project equipment. The project will provide the pathways and infrastructure to accommodate electronic security systems. The project shall improve vehicle access into the 2 outside training areas next to the facility. The project abates hazardous materials in compliance with the Current Army Regulations. These materials include asbestos containing materials as well as lead-based paint.