The work includes the following and incidental related work.

a. Electrical: A new diesel standby generator nominally rated for 52kW/65kVA shall be installed to serve rooms 202 and 208. Generator shall be provided with a 24-hour fuel tank. The generator output shall be 208Y/120V, 3 phase. A 200 Amp, 208y/120V, 3 phase, 4-pole bypass isolation automatic transfer switch installed in the mezzanine area to provide emergency power distribution. A new emergency 200 Amp
distribution panelboard ‘EDP’ shall be installed in the mezzanine area to feed new 100 Amp panels for rooms 202 and 208. New panel ‘EDP’ shall be served via ATS from existing switchboard ‘LC3’. The feeder for ‘EDP’ shall be connected to an existing spare 200 Amp, 3 pole breaker. The existing receptacles and lighting circuits within rooms 202 and 208 shall be recircuited to the respective new panels. The new HVAC
mini-split units shall be served from the new panels. The new panels will have surge protective devices installed to provide filtering of surges/spikes. The new panels shall be 30 space and include a minimum
of 25% spare/space to allow for future growth.

b. Mechanical: This project includes the installation of three mini-split air handling units electrically connected to a new backup generator.

c. Structural: The project includes a foundation for a generator weighing approximately 4000 lbs. The reinforced concrete pad will be approximately 11 feet 6 inches long, 5 feet 6 inches wide and 1 foot 0 inches deep.