The project is located on Eglin AFB, A-73 (Sub Location A-32). The Contractor shall be required to furnish all materials, equipment, plant, labor, and personnel necessary to design, manage, and accomplish this task order in accordance with the contract requirements. Install precast concrete structure anchored to concrete slab to replace existing trailer. Connect electrical lines, water lines, and comm conduits to the new structure. Structure to include restroom which will necessitate installation of a new leach-field. The Contractor is expected to maintain, at all times, good and accepted construction and safety standards. Work will proceed when a Base Civil Engineer Work Clearance Request (Air Force Form 103) has been fully accomplished; Permits remain effective for 30 days. Installation of safety fence/barriers and BMP’s is mandatory around each excavation site. At no time will the contractor block a main roadway from emergency vehicles or mission equipment.