The work includes the following and incidental related work.

a. Architectural: Demolition of all interior partitions and finishes except in Mechanical and Comm Room, slab removal, and cutting new door opening between the existing Secure Area “A” and area being renovated. New work includes all new interior finishes, stud partitions, interior doors, frames, and hardware, manually-operated folding panel partition, fire extinguishers and cabinets, signage, adjustable shelving and
supports for storage closets. Exterior work includes infilling all abandoned penetrations in the existing exterior insulation and finish system with new to match, and sealing all abandoned penetrations in existing metal fascia and soffit panels with new pre-finished sheet metal to match existing.

b. Structural: New work includes the structural support for the new manually-operated folding panel partition wall, located in the new classroom.

c. Plumbing: Demolish existing restrooms. New work will provide new restroom fixtures, electric water heater, and janitors sink. Waste and water piping will reconnect to the existing as shown on drawings. Water
piping will be rerouted to be clear of electrical.

d. Mechanical: The mechanical system in building 90068 is to be completely demolished. Work is to be phased such that half of the facility will be occupied. Phase one work is to be accomplished on the east side of the building. Phase one includes the demolition of the existing through-wall air conditioning unit in the office, air conditioning units in the mechanical room and the exhaust fans serving the restrooms. All supply air, return air grilles and ductwork will be removed.

Phase two work is to be done on the west side of the building.
Demolition includes the removal of the 10 ton unit in the mechanical room, the outside air conditioning unit, all of the supply and return air ductwork and grilles. The existing transfer ducts and grilles will remain.
New work includes installing new chilled water air conditioning units for the classrooms on the east and west sides of the building. A new wall mounted mini-split will be installed in the east side server room
in phase one and in the northwest server room in phase two. A new cassette unit will serve the phase one office, adjacent to the server room. New exhaust fans will be installed to serve the existing
restrooms, janitor room and the telephone room in phase one. New ductwork, grilles, and diffusers will be provided for a new, clean installation.

e. Electrical: Existing panels shall be utilized to serve the new renovated areas lighting and receptacle loads. New LED lighting will be installed in the renovated areas.

f. Communications: Protect the existing fiber and copper service entrance that is to remain during construction. Remove all other telecommunication devices, equipment, and cabling located in the renovation area of the building. Install new NIPR and SIPR outlets as required. Route new NIPR outlets to existing NIPR rack in existing main communications room, and route new SIPR outlets to existing SIPR cabinet in existing server room. Provide secure closed user network outlets as required. Route secure closed user network outlets to new cabinets in new server room. NIPR, SIPR, and the secure closed user network will be 62.5u multimode fiber optic cabling. All NIPR and SIPR work will be installed per Hurlburt base communications requirements.

g. Fire Alarm: The existing fire alarm shall be demolished in its entirety.

h. Security: Install new backboxes and pathway for future access control system (ACS) components and intrusion detection system (IDS) components. Devices, equipment, cabling, and other system components will be government furnished government installed (GFGI).