The facility/activity will remain in operation during the entire construction period. The Contractor shall conduct his operations so as to cause the least possible interference with normal operations of the facility/activity.

WC-1 Pool: The work includes: A) Scraping, cleaning, priming, and painting pool inside. The floor, walls and steps are approx. 5,0000 SF. B) Polish stainless steel trim around pool to remove rust approx. 300 LF and 200 LF of hand rail. C) Repair gaskets around eight lights and incidental related work.

WC-1 Ductwork: The work includes Demo existing ductwork and replace with new cloth ductwork.

WC-1 and AS4400 Pool Decks: Demo existing floor tile, thin-set, mud set, base, associated thresholds, and associated flooring transition items. Infill areas affected by the demolition with base layer of concrete and troweled stained cementitious finish layer to match Building 236 (Area 2 Pool Deck). Grade so water runs into the existing gutters and any incidental related work. Provide on-site samples of at least 48” x 48” dimensions for approval by the Government prior to commencement of the pool deck work.
AS4400 Vestibule and Reception: The work includes Demo existing ceramic tiles 12 x 12 in the vestibule and reception areas, approximately 3,500 SF. Install new flooring and incidental related work.
WC-1 Basketball Court: The work includes the removal of the existing gym floor and replacement with new gym flooring.
M139 Pool Deck edge: The work includes the installation of an edge protection in all pool edges, approximately 420 LF