RTOP 19-17 CE01102-9P 34500 NEC COMESEC HVAC

The contractor shall replace and upgrade the existing 2-ton HVAC system serving Room 122B. Electrical Connections for the new HVAC system will be sized through the DOR matched to new equipment. The contractor shall test, balance, and commission the new system as well...

Replace Renovations to B-86 (Cherry Point, NC)

The work includes installing a new HVAC system, replace interior lighting, seal building exterior, insulate building interior, provide new wall panels, provide new roof panels, and incidental related work.

Major Interior/Exterior Repairs AS4110

The work includes full renovation of the existing office and warehouse facility, including new HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems, new metal wall and roof panels, new finishes, and incidental related work. Work is located at MCAS New River, NC